No one makes wishes come true like Children’s Wish. The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada is the authority on wish granting in Canada. Every day, we grant the single-most heartfelt wishes of Canadian children diagnosed with life-threatening and complex genetic or neurological illnesses. Our professional Wish Coordinators work directly with families and medical teams to ensure every wish is as special as the child making it.

Infographic Every day, in communities all across the country, children are diagnosed with life-threatening conditions. Here their journey begins… During the course of treatment, children are most often referred to Children’s Wish by a member of their medical team – a doctor, a nurse, a social worker – recognizing that granting a child’s most heartfelt wish is so important to that child’s well being. While many referrals come from healthcare providers, anyone can refer a child for a wish. The Children’s Wish Medical Advisory Committee, made up of doctors and other healthcare professionals, reviews every referral we receive. Once a child has been deemed to meet our wish granting criteria, the door of possibilities opens for the child’s single-most heartfelt wish to be fulfilled. Our Wish Coordinators spring into action! They notify the family that their child will be granted a wish, and we begin working very closely with the family on the wish planning process. Wish children, with their families, begin to think about their heartfelt wish, and the best time for them to enjoy their wish. Sometimes, a wish happens to mark a treatment milestone. Sometimes, it is granted when a child is well enough to enjoy it. Sometimes, a wish needs to be granted right away. Wishes are never delayed – there is never a waiting list. Once a wish has been decided, our Wish Coordinators connect with the child’s doctor. Together, our wish team, family members and healthcare providers review the wish, the details and the timing, and agree on whether the wish is well-suited for the child. Then we begin planning the details of how best to proceed. The planning begins! Wish Coordinators work with wish families to make sure their unique needs and the needs of the wish child are met. Wish Coordinators handle every detail – from travel arrangements, activities, special guests, celebrities, insurance and all the necessary medical support, including professional staff and equipment. Our long-time and valued partner, Blue Cross, makes travel wishes possible. Blue Cross provides travel insurance for wish children, even with their pre-existing medical conditions. So many of our wish families tell us money simply can’t buy what we do. We connect families with activities and opportunities that only Canada’s leading wish provider can; and we provide the necessary expert medical support that wish kids need.