A Superhero is Born

Six-year-old Mable can hardly believe her ears. The city of Edmonton is in trouble and the chief of police is appealing for her help. “Spider-Mable, we urgently need you,” he pleads in a special news broadcast. “Let’s go!” is Mable’s immediate reaction. After quickly slipping into her Spider-Mable superhero costume, she and her parents are whisked away in a limo straight to Edmonton’s city hall where Spider-Man is waiting to meet his young sidekick. Without delay, the chief of police tells Spider-Mable of a baffling villain — called Mysterio — who’s wreaking havoc across the city and has even kidnapped Andrew Ference, the captain of the Edmonton Oilers hockey team. Will she help Spider-Man solve the crime? After receiving the key to the city from the mayor and touring police headquarters, Spider-Mable and Spider-Man — equipped with powerful web-slingers — jump into action. “When Mable saw Spider-Man jump right in front of her, her whole face lit up with a look of pure joy,” her dad, Neil, remembers.

The Girl Behind the Mask

When Mable Tooke told her parents her wish was to fight crime with Spider-Man, they almost warned her not to get her hopes up. “Not in our wildest dreams did we think that was going to take place,” said her father, Neil. Mable was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when she was four years old. As a result, she endured blood transfusions and several rounds of chemotherapy. Not only that, the medicine Mable was prescribed caused terrible headaches and even affected her ability to do simple things like hold a crayon and draw. But in September, hundreds of people in Edmonton pitched in to create an elaborate adventure for Mable. The event brought one little girl a day she’ll remember forever. And brought a whole city, and a country, together to cheer her on.

“I like Spider-Man because he’s got radioactive blood. Kind of like me.” - Spider-Mable

To escape her pain, Mable lost herself in vintage comic books. She especially related to Spider-Man and often said, “I like Spider-Man because he’s got radioactive blood. Kind of like me.” When Children’s Wish reached out to Mable’s family, it was clear that the little girl’s most heartfelt wish was to meet Spider-Man and fight crime by his side. Children’s Wish leapt into action. The Edmonton Chapter worked with city police, the mayor's office, the Oilers, Mable's parents, doctors and other organizations across the city for weeks to organize the elaborate caper.

One child, one wish, the whole world

Neil’s voice breaks as he remembers how much Mable’s wish meant that day — and will continue to mean to their whole family. “Children’s Wish says that joy is a wonder drug and that’s so true. I’ve seen it myself. The joy of being with Spider-Man is still with our whole family.” That joy touched not only Mable and her family, but the world. Spider-Mable went viral – in real-time on the streets of Edmonton and online. Spider-Mable’s story received 500 million impressions; that is to say, 500 million times, around the world on social media and in the press, people saw this remarkable little girl and joined in her triumph.