Jonas' Story

Born with spastic cerebral palsy, Jonas is restricted to a wheelchair and struggles every day with basic functions. He is unable to dress himself, wash himself, or eat without assistance. Jonas is unable to speak to his family and those who care for him. Faced with the incredible financial challenges to properly care for him, Jonas’ grandparents stepped in and have become his primary caregivers. His entire family has become a tightknit unit – mom and dad, brothers and cousins – all working together to ensure Jonas’ quality of life despite his profound disability.

Jonas’ Wish

Jonas is full of joy - especially when he is around water. There is a deep delight that emerges and takes over Jonas when he goes for a swim. He smiles and giggles, non-verbal signs of communication that let everyone around know exactly how he feels. Jonas wished for a swim spa so that he could float freely in the water anytime he wanted. In November 2015, his wish was granted. His entire family came over to grandma and grandpa’s house to splash in the new pool. Jonas spent that entire first day in the pool with his brothers and cousins.

Bringing family and friend’s together

“Jonas’ wish was far beyond our expectations. Right from the get-go, Children’s Wish was there every step of the way. Jonas’ wish brought together so many people – I had friends come over to unload the pool, a friend to do the wiring, a friend to deliver the water in his water truck – and then Jonas’ brothers and cousins came over to enjoy it with him. Seeing everyone together was cool enough, but seeing how it made Jonas so relaxed was even better. We are very, very thankful.” - Don, Jonas’ grandfather

“If the soul is content, the body is stronger.”

“Jonas is always in a good mood when I encounter him. However, after his swimming pool wish was granted by Children’s Wish, he has gone to a next level of delight. While I have not personally observed him swimming, knowing Jonas and hearing reports of his activity I can imagine him kicking his legs as he floats in the water as if on air. We don’t know how many years we have in this world but I do know that if the soul is content, the body is stronger. Swimming does that for Jonas.” – Dr. Michael From, Trinity Rose Medical Clinic, Didsbury, Alberta